Vol. 11, No. 3: "Speaking In Tongues"

Rants, Raves & Reviews

69 Horse Thief, Fiction by Anna Balint

Reviewed by Tess. Lotta

70 Of Forgotten Times, Fiction by Marisela Rizik

Interview by Megan Beade

72 Billy Collins & Ted Kooser: Reader-Friendly Poets

Essay by Joyce Nower

73 Seeking Light in Each Dark Room/ Buscando Luz en Cada Cuarto Oscuro

Edited by Jim Bodeen, Reviewed by Anita Endrezze

75 A Book of Witness: Spells & Gris-Gris, Poetry by Jerome Rothenberg

Reviewed by David Huntsperger

76 Kiot: the Selected Early Poems 1963-1977, Poetry by Charles Potts

Reviewed by Steve Potter

78 Breaking Ground, Poetry by Paul Hunter

Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

79 The Tongue, Poetry by Tom C. Hunley

Reviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey

80 Passing the Three Gates: Interviews with Charles Johnson, Edited by Jim McWilliams

Reviewed by Kathleen Alcal·

81 Geography, Poetry by Kelli Russell Agodon

Reviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey

82 Sleeping in Caves, A Sixties Himalayan Memoir, Memoir by Marilyn Stablein

Reviewed by Lilith Wood

83 Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America,

Non-fiction by Linda Lawrence Hunt, Reviewed by Margaret Foley

84 Saying the World, Poetry by Peter Pereira

Reviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey

85 Hot Mustard & Lay Me Down, Poetry by Paul r. Harding

Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

86 Reconciliation Road, A Family Odyssey of War and Honor,

Memoir by John Douglas Marshall

Reviewed by Catherine Nichols

Feature: Speaking In Tongues

24 Between Tongues/ Entre deux langues, Poem by Natalie-Pascale Boisseau

25 Warm, Story by Natalie-Pascale Boisseau

25 Journey to my Country of Fire, Poem by Natalie-Pascale Boisseau

26 The Lexicon of Nansen Flesh, Fiction by Dayna Mari

29 Survival Skills, Essay by Elizabeth Webster

33 An Angry RČquiem/ Un Requiem Furioso, Poem by Laura Stortoni,

Translation by Camincha

34 La Playa, Fiction by Robin Parks

41 Ode 336 / Oda 336, Poem by Fernando Pessoa

Translation by Ben Norwood

42 Manzanilla in Madrid: A Spanish Lesson, Essay by Jenna Mulhall Brereton

46 A Pocho in West Hills, Essay by Daniel A. Olivas

50 You Are Hiding / Tu te caches, Poem by B.Z. Niditch,

Translation by Eric Dejaeger

51 The Great Cristate Saguaro Hunt, Poem by Gary Every

52 Frauen / Women, Poem and translation by Karin Temple

53 Le Matin / The Mourner, Poem by Jacques Prevert,

Translation by Allen Frost

53 Field Work, Poem by Ann Spiers

54 Partridge Sky, Poem by Jiang Kui, Translation by Mike Farman

55 Called, Poem by Marion Kimes, Translation by Martha Linehan

56 The Cross / La Crusada, Essay by Waverly Fitzgerald

57 Ochos, Essay by Waverly Fitzgerald

59 I Open My Mouth, But No Words Come Out, Essay by Pat Duggan

64 Crainn / Trees, Poem by Cathal Searcaigh, Translation by Pat Duggan

65 Latterly, Poem by Marion Kimes

66 The Leaping Tick, Fiction by Doug Nufer

67 Waldo Nero's Opening Duress, Fiction by Doug Nufer

68 we own our own, Fiction by Doug Nufer

01 Arabic Quote, Written by Kathleen Alcal·

Back Cover

Translators' Arts, Poem by Marion Kimes

Raven notes

87 The Publisher's Notes

88 Errata

88 Artists' Notes, Bios & Credits


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